Here are notes and quotes from some happy “trippers” we have had the pleasure of spending time with…

Trippers' Letters

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and it definitely felt more like a holiday than work. Thanks for showing us around, and a super thank you for measuring out and waiting for me when I did that run. Really appreciated.”

Amanda Hindle, London

“Andrew and Jules, Thank you for taking care of us so well it felt like home. You are both beautiful human beings. It was a great pleasure spending this time with you both.”

Anauk, Linda and Bart, Amsterdam

“My company, Wilfrid Park, shot a commercial in South Africa, we were so fortunate to have Andrew as our guide. His knowledge and love for the country that he grew up in was amazing. It was Andrew (and of course the breathtaking scenery) that made me fall in love with South Africa. He was fantastic!! I made a great friend…”

Angie Colgoni, Toronto, Canada

“This is my big thank you for all you did being so patient and a brilliant driver.”

Anna, Sweden

“Andrew is a Cool dude. A brave bloke who knows the spots and has this “happy surfer mood” every bloody day. We simply had a jolly good time!”

Axel Doepner, Germany

“Thanks for making me laugh, driving me around town, lending me money, stealing a wing for me and taking me to the mountains when I needed to get away… you are amazing my friend”

Ben Easter, California

“You were great – thanks for all the cycling routes and transporting my bicycle with us every where!”

Berthold Steinle, Germany

”Honestly, my nicest memories of Cape town was actually about you Andrew. I must say that you are the nicest, most helpful and truly dependable person that I meet there. I really enjoyed your company. And I’ve told myself that when I go back to Cape Town SA, I would definitely want to see you again. All the best my friend.”

Brian Francis,KL, Malaysia

“Thank you for all your insight, attention, expertise and just general good cheer over the last week. It was a pleasure to be in your company”

Bruce Davidson, Deborah Pawlik, David and Delores, London, UK

“I had the best trip of my life. Seriously. Andrew was such an amazing tour guide, he knows all the local spots, and so you don't end up being in those predictable cheesy touristy places. You get to see the local flavors in a very genuine and intimate way. What makes him ultra special is that he's a real guy we could have real conversations with. My friend Gabe learnt to surf with Andrew personally instructing him. We have the most amazing pictures. I wish we could go back and hire him to drive us around Namibia and Angola. One day.”

Carla Susanto, Toronto, Canada

“No Cape Town trip would be complete without Andrew. Apart from being an amazing advocate for his beautiful country he can also make you do things you'd thought you'd NEVER do…,with him I conquered my fear of heights and climbed around the Cape on the narrowest path ever, again the strongest blusteriest winds to receive the best reward of all… an AWESOME view. His love of his country rubs off on you, his laid back manner helps you to relax. He's also a party animal who makes a mean braai.♥”

Caroline Tennent, London

“Thanks for the shark dive Julz- what a thrill”

Casper Van Dien, USA

“Thank you for everything. You are a god send and the best”

Chris Hoffman, Los Angeles

“Than you so very much for everything- especially making my birthday one I won’t forget”

Christie Lynne Smith USA

“You are an angel and a good friend. Thank you for everything”

Erika Eleniak and Roch, Calgary, Canada

“Thank you so much. Till we meet again”

Ethan Hawke, New York

“Andrew without a doubt is the man. From airport pickup to surfing (with or without sharks) to happenin´ local stopovers to not-so-done-before-sightseeing to late night dining short of a honeymoon feeling. He knows just about enough about everything there is to know and if he doesn’t he will find someone who does.”

Fintan Gsaenger, Germany

“Me and Sarah had such a good time in Cape Town, and I want to thank you again for all your great caring and just being the fine person that you are.”

Gjis Kerbosch and Sara, Amsterdam

“Thanks for taking such good care of us”

Gregor Schnitzler and family, Munich, Germany

“Seriously, I keep thinking of you, your family, your town since I'm back in the cold. It was fantastic experience for me. So many unexpected events, new people and new impressions. The short, time I spent with you was thought provoking and quite challenging.”

Grigoriev Andrei, Russia

“Thank you for all your time. We adored every minute of it.”

Holly Fulger and Stuart Pankin L.A California

“Andrew and Julz. Thank you so much. You guys rock!”

Jolyn Muntjewerff, Amsterdam

“Thank you for everything this week, it was wonderful!”

Lindsay, Tom and Pete, United Kingdom

“Jules Thank you for being a good friend and taking me to all those great places”

Lisa Brenner, USA

“Julz it was such a pleasure to meet you and spend time in your beautiful country”, “Thanks for the rides, the tours, pointing out the wildlife and thanks most of all for the loan of the wetsuit and the surf at Muizenberg- it was the highlight of my trip”, “We thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful city- you are a great tour guide”

Louise Boulin, Michael, Catherine and Lance, Toronto, Canada

“Lovely Jules, Thank you for everything- making us laugh and being a complete star!”

Lu and David, United Kingdom

“Thank you so very much for looking after us so well. You made our time here so very enjoyable”

Mark, Stu, Rupert, Andrew and Karen, United Kingdom

”We will be back!”

Maria Grigoriou and Alexis Gerassis, Athens, Greece

“Thank you for showing me how beautiful Cape Town is. God Bless”

Marilyn Sue Perry, Los Alamitos, California

“Thank you so much for looking after us – especially little Charlie. I think he is going to miss pulling your hair”

Matt, Kat and Charlie, United Kingdom

”Thanks for showing us around xxx”

Michael and Sharon

”Jules I can not thank you enough for everything you did – the hike up Lions head and everything else - you truly made my trip a delight”

Michael Trucco, Los Angeles, USA

“You have a wonderful way of going out of your way to be wonderful. – Thank you so much for everything.”

Michelle Tranter, Gary and Cole, United Kingdom

“Thank you for taking such good care being such a good driver and that we never got lost any where.”

Millie Shaw, Marvin, AC. Taiwan

“Thank you so much for being a great help during our stay is CT. You are a star!”

Natashka, Brian, Mickey and Monica, London

“Once again, Thank you for looking after us all. It makes our stay in your country so much more pleasurable”

Natashka Coleman and Lowe team, London

“Thank you for looking after my sorry ass whilst in your lovely country. It was very much appreciated”

Peppercorn, United Kingdom

“You made Cape Town so pleasant for us- thank you”

Phumi and Betty Mthembu, Kelvin, Johannesburg

“I really wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help in organizing my safari. Jules, it was the greatest thing I have ever done. I have been to some beautiful places, and had opportunities to experience some amazing things, but they all pale in comparison to my safari. Again, I can't thank you enough. You made a dream of mine come true. And it surpassed anything I could have imagined.”

Richard Lee, Los Angeles

“Thank you so much for the brilliant time in Cape Town with you. Thank you for all the beautiful moments and all you did for us – you are the best!”

Sandra Paule, Julia, Katrein, Roswitha –Berlin

”We had the pleasure of being with Juliette for 2 weeks in Cape Town, she was our one point contact for everything, stay, travel, food, party etc. There are no words that could put together just what a wonderful experience we had in Cape Town, considering we were a big demanding group. She was there like a sister looking after our every need all the time, late night partying, early morning call times, tourist like trips, shopping or simply a friend to hang around with, Juliette was there smiling and giving us what we all still relate to as our best ever experience there. I can say with great pleasure that with Juliette by your side ' anything is possible”

Star Fernandes and Happy Dog crew, Mumbai, India

“You made the trip so much more wonderful, and I'm grateful to you for everything you did. You're truly a gem, and we were the lucky ones to get to spend time with you.”

Susan Klein, London

“With thankfulness for all you did and love from Berlin” inscription in his book- In the Light of Cities.

Sven Gorlich, Berlin

“Thanks a bunch. You were wonderful and lovely – the best, we can’t wait to see you again”

Tony, BP and Nathalyn, Dublin , Ireland

“The week here has been an enchanting one. I thank you for sharing your land with me. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.”

Walter O’Neil, California

“Many, many Thanks! We will see you soon.”

Yani Verschuuren and family, Hazazah, Netherlands.

“Thank you for showing us beautiful Cape Town”

Yann Sunderberg and Alexander van Der Noot, France.